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Use signal jamming devices to prevent children from accessing the Internet late at night


Benefits associated with using Wi Fi jammers

Considering many scenarios where wireless networks are used, their risks are equally high. You can consider using a Wi Fi jammer in any of the following situations:

1. Parental control

Using these signal jammer devices can prevent children from using the internet or accessing content they should not access late at night; Internet access can be controlled when needed.

2. Disconnect unnecessary equipment

Jammers help prevent unknown or unauthorized devices from sharing data. I often hear that there are surveillance or spy equipment, such as cameras and microphones, hidden in changing rooms, hotels, and other places. The purpose of doing so is for security, although sometimes these can be used to infringe on your privacy.

Using Wi Fi jammers can prevent unauthorized monitoring devices from sharing recordings over the internet. It can also prevent cybercrime such as webcam hacking, in which case someone can record you through the camera of your own laptop.

3. Avoid distractions

If you want to complete your work, distraction will not help you in any way. By using a Wi Fi jammer, you can block these internet interferences and allow you, your employees, or students to work without interference. During meetings with employees, Wi Fi jammers will block the internet and keep them focused on formulating strategic tasks for a particular project. This will also increase creativity and productivity.

Wi Fi jammers are common in educational institutions and can prevent students from using their devices while completing homework or attending classes.

4. Confidential Meeting

For companies or enterprises that handle a large amount of confidential information or technology, leaking such sensitive content outside the company may lead to adverse consequences. By using wifi jammers, company information will be kept in its rightful place - internally. No phone or device can share audiovisual information through the internet, and even publish any social media posts.

It is not uncommon for someone attempting to steal company information to invade your presentation through Wi Fi or from anywhere outside the conference room. Disruptors can avoid this situation, including the risk of your own device being accessed by outsiders.

5. Preventing Cheating

Due to the fact that many exams are conducted online, these devices can be used to prevent students from cheating in these exams by cutting off their access to the internet. Assuming they need to use their laptop for testing, they can download the required files and then turn off Wi Fi. If it is a paper exam, you can stop using your phone to search for answers.

6. Ensuring a peaceful environment

Services such as spas, meditation centers, or quiet train carriages can maintain peace and tranquility, while Wi Fi jammers can block the internet and notifications.

7. Preventing hacker attacks

Hackers can attack your data overnight, causing you to not realize Data breach until a long time later. One way to solve this problem is to turn off or unplug the internet overnight. However, having to unplug and reconnect to the internet every day can be troublesome. This is where Wi Fi jammers come in handy.

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As long as your internet is not used at any time during the day or night, turning on the jammer will prevent the device from connecting to your router. Therefore, it will not damage your network or unauthorized access to data stored on your device. Prevention is better than regret afterwards!

8. At the hospital

The operation of medical equipment may be affected by Radio jamming signals. Hospitals usually use jammers to avoid any unnecessary interference.

set up

After ensuring that your router is running on the correct channel, you can set up a new Wi Fi jammer. The setup process may vary depending on the model you purchased.

Basic Wi Fi jammer

The basic model is battery powered and can easily fit into a pocket. With these types of devices, you can access portable interference functions anytime, anywhere. If you tend to use wireless networks in hotels or other public places, portable basic jammers will be of great benefit.

Assuming you have only one option for the basic model, simply turn on your Wi Fi jammer to activate it. If you are traveling, you can keep it in your pocket or leather case; Otherwise, you can set it up near your home router.

Advanced jammer

Advanced ones are usually heavy and bulky. Several attachments, such as protruding antennas, can more effectively block frequencies. In addition to other forms of communication such as Bluetooth, these jammers can block multiple frequency ranges.

For advanced models, the manual will provide a detailed introduction to all the functions of the jammer and instructions for use. Usually, after the device is turned on, the correct settings must be selected, including the type of communication you want to block (Wi Fi or Bluetooth) and frequency selection.

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