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A teacher in Florida brought in a signal jammer that can crash a phone completely


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Florida (AP) - A Florida teacher may have thought what one in two teachers thought right now: He used a simple but not not-so-clever idea - he just brought in a signal jammers that could cause a phone to completely crash. A brilliant idea, he thought, but the school didn't take it with so much humor and suspended the teacher.

A jammer to prevent inattention

Every teacher knows the absent-minded facial expression of a student with their head down and a smartphone on their lap as they once again go insane. At some point, it became too colorful for Deam Liptak because the students were always vague and he couldn't continue with his material. All the warnings were to no avail, and he decided to intervene immediately. Liptak bought a jammer and used it to disable cell phone communication. However, the use of jammers is strictly prohibited in the United States, as Liptak knows.

A role model for German teachers?

Dean Liptak is certainly not the first teacher to come up with a cell phone jammer to solve the school's smartphone problem. In addition, the use of jammers is also banned in Switzerland, with penalties of up to 100,000 Swiss francs. Smartphones are also the most exciting topic in Germany, as 80% of 12-13 year olds already own a smartphone and use it in class. It would actually be interesting to consider whether jammers that are legally installed in schools are unreasonable installations, since studying with a functioning smartphone in hand is hardly feasible.

Mobile phone ban improves performance

A study from the London School of Economics now shows what most teachers probably already know. Comparing the performance of students who used and did not use smartphones, the results were surprising. Weak students improved their learning progress by 6 percent and even as much as 14 percent compared to learning behaviors using smartphones! The researchers left the UK with the conclusion that a mobile phone ban could indeed fill the education gap at low cost, but it is well known that in bureaucratic Germany, a solution can only be found if smartphones are no longer used.