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Do jammers work in these places? What is the legal status of cell phone jammers? Can you use it yourself?


Cell phone jammers can block your reception.

You usually get the impression that a cell phone blocker is installed somewhere. But is it even allowed?

You walk into a store and you feel like your Internet is no longer working properly. Do jammers work in these places? What is the legal status of cell phone jammer? Can you use it yourself or are there any restrictions? We'll inspire you.

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Cell phone jammers: Where can they be used?

Our smartphones, our daily companions, are now ubiquitous. Therefore, we can be contacted at any time. Actually. When using a phone blocker, it will look different. But why finish it?

For example, in a movie theater, it makes sense to use a cell phone blocker because at this point you should be engrossed in the movie and recording is forbidden. Such devices are of course also practical in schools, so that students are not distracted. Especially in retail, if it is possible to quickly compare prices via mobile phones, it is more troublesome. Stores would also benefit from phone jammers.

Can cell phone jammers be easily manufactured?

On the contrary: anyone who wants to use a frequency in Germany needs an allowance. With cell phone jammers, radio waves can be emitted to interfere with reception. Under the telecommunications Act, an allowance is required. As a result:

If you still want to use a cell phone jammer, you must contact the Federal Network Administration. Explain them and the reasons for using them.

This is how it is used in France

In France, the state has a monopoly on radio frequencies. For example, in prisons, we also recommend that people use signal jammers reasonably and legally, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, and do not abuse jammers to bring trouble to others and endanger public safety.