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Installing a GPS shield on the car will cause the original owner to lose control of the car


  GPS Global Positioning System brings us a lot of conveniences but also brings some problems, which may even affect our personal security.Hopefully, at some point, commercial and high-end UAV manufacturers will implement it as a standard for UAVs.While the process isn't exactly the same, it's much easier to compare two separate signals to see a signal that shouldn't exist.However, in order to prevent the car from being sneaked away by the original owner, some companies will install a GPS shield on the car, causing the original owner to be unable to control the car.

Installing shield riginal control

  For example, if you lose the signal between the drone and the controller, the drone will turn around and fly back in the direction it started in the hope that the signal can be restored or the drone performs certain operations to land safely on the aircraft The front battery may be exhausted.The principle of a GPS jammers is to cut off the signal of the GPS frequency band and make the vehicle in a state of signal isolation.If hawks and drones aren't enough to worry about, anyone can now turn off your drone, even if you violate the law in the process.

  When you buy a mortgaged vehicle from a mortgage car company, you will also worry about the safety after buying the car, worry about the positioning device installed on the car, and the one-way vehicle will be driven away in the middle of the night after it is parked.It can combine the pattern from multiple antennas in real-time to determine what is the real signal and what is noise (or deliberate interference) in order to clean up the signal and make the drone fly and know where it is.For example, a mortgage car company may gain control of the car for a short period of time after giving money to the original owner.

  In general, GPS jammers have the following features: It can effectively interfere with GPS and Beidou satellite signals to ensure the privacy and information confidentiality of the owner are not divulged.These jammers cause these problems because many drones, especially professional commercial drones, typically have some kind of GPS navigation system built into their firmware.The most commonly used Global Positioning System is the GPS Global Positioning System.The function of this system is to track vehicles, route navigation, information query, traffic command, emergency assistance, etc.

  Actually, GPSdome-like toolkits can work, but they also increase the cost of drilling rigs to protect themselves from things that are already illegal in most countries in the world.However, as evidenced by the carefully planned drone light show held in Hong Kong in 2017, if drones lose their GPS signals without knowing where they are, they can usually fall out of the sky no matter where they are.In the incident, 46 drones fell to the ground with an estimated loss of HK $1 million.Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of their property, car buyers will also be installed the car GPS signal jammer.