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Small/large handheld signal blockers up to 5 km /50 km within city limits


Satellite jamming, or jamming, is a form of censorship where governments or hackers or criminals deny access to satellites and impede the free flow of information. He also said the technical interference was deliberate. As Mike Stevens, the ethical hacking guru at the International Cyber Security Institute, explains, satellite jamming violates Article 15 of the International Telecommunication Union's Radio Regulations.

If a government like China, which does not allow free speech and government, wants to control media and communications through other means of communication such as satellites, sometimes the government may seek the option of satellite jamming. This can help governments or organizations gain control of the media and control satellite television or radio broadcasts from abroad.

According to James Taylor, an expert at the Computer Security Training School, several countries, including Russia, Cuba, Iran, China and even the United States, have reported satellite jamming or jamming incidents. International satellite transponders receive information via uplink stations, which can be television stations or businesses, and then the satellite transmits the signal to the ground via various downlink stations.

Modern Countries Install Jammer

Satellite orbit interference involves hackers or criminals sending conflicting signals to satellites, either by themselves or directly by hackers

Uplink station. When a strong jamming signal is sent, the frequencies are confused, the original signal is interrupted, and no one can hear the original signal or channel.

Since the satellite system operates in groups of channels, when one channel is interfered with, all other channels in that group are also disrupted. The track intervention of some governments has led to censorship not only in your country, but also in other countries and continents. For example, if a democracy-oriented broadcast is subjected to an orbital jamming attack in China, all viewers in India connected to the same frequency from the same satellite will not be able to access the broadcast channel. According to an expert on the Ethical Hacking Course, adjacent channels can also be affected by interference.

Ground interference or ground interference occurs at a specific location and involves equipment. Instead of staring at satellites like orbital jamming does, ground jamming sends conflicting signals directly to local consumers' satellite dishes. The collision frequency is region-specific and only interferes with satellite signals at specific locations. Small hand-held signal jammers have a range of 5 km in urban areas. Large ground jammers have a range of up to 50 km. Ground jammers can also interfere with radio frequencies, affecting radio communications between police, hospitals, etc. Consumers do not know that ground or orbital interference occurs. Computer security training experts explain that the technology needed for satellite jamming is fairly standard, easily available and costs around $4,000 to $30,000.

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