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Are Schools Blocking Cell Phone Signal?

Perfectjammer 2022/07/02

Cell Phone Jammer at a School in Florida

cell phone signal jammer

Back in 2015, a school district in Pasco County, Florida enacted a policy to order its students to keep their cell phones and mobile devices switched off during class. When this policy change had little to no effect on the student behavior at the school, one teacher decided to take action.

Tired of watching his classroom obsess over their smartphones instead of his lesson, science teacher Dean Liptak used a signal jammer to put an end to it.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Liptak activated the signal jammer over a three-day period from March 31 to April 2. At first, the teacher’s strategy seemed to work. That is, until Verizon showed up to complain that someone at Fivay High School was messing with its network.

After identifying Liptak as the cause of its network problem, Verizon suggested that cell signal outside of the school was being disrupted by his cell phone jamming efforts. Liptak maintains that he only meant to fix the problem of distracted students, not cause problems for the school.

Liptak assumed cell phone jammer use was permittable if his intended purpose wasn’t malicious.

If you have a stronger jammer, the antenna will be external in order to provide better range and coverage. Adjustable units have the added benefit of being able to be ‘tuned down’ so as not to block in adjacent areas.

Stop Cheating During Examinations

The range varies, however in most cases if someone needs to make a call, they can simply step outside the classroom and make the call without disturbing others. In case of emergency, or between lectures, the unit can be simply switched off and all signals are instantly restored.

For a simple jammer that will knock out the cell phones of the students in a small classroom, an overly powerful is not necessary. In very small rooms, you may be able to use a pocket jammer, which looks like any ordinary cell phone.

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