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When you turn on your phone jammer, its signal cancels out all other signals in a given area


When you turn on your phone jammer, its signal will cancel out all other signals in a given area. As a result, the cell tower will eventually be unable to communicate (send and receive) with the aforementioned devices.

To help you understand what a cell phone jammer is, let's imagine: you and your friend are chatting on the side of the road. Then an ambulance went by with a very loud siren. All of a sudden, you don't hear from your friends anymore, and vice versa. In this case, you are the phone. Your friends are cell towers. Noisy ambulances are jammers.

Basically, the deafening sound of the sirens drowns out every word you or your friends say. That's the easiest way to say it.

We'll ask this expert gadget reviewer to explain how smartphone jammers work in the simplest way possible. He will give you different example scenarios in which you can use cell phone jammers to see how people react when they finally see the signal strength bars on their phones disappear one by one.

Recorder Jammer Mobile Phones

Let's be honest: Cell phones, or more specifically smartphones, are everywhere around us these days. They literally surrounded us. Nowadays, even 12-year-olds carry smartphones.

They are essential and universal. So much can be done on a $150 phone. Phone calls, video calls, texting, banking, using social media are routine but essential tasks. But we know very little about these wonderful devices.

A cell phone is nothing more than a two-way radio. It works like (not exactly like) a walkie-talkie, consisting of a radio transmitter and a radio receiver.

When you talk to a friend on your phone, your phone converts your voice into an electrical signal, which is then transmitted via radio waves to the nearest cell tower. The cell tower network then transmits the radio waves to your friend's phone, which converts them into electrical signals and then back into sound.

As mentioned above, a mobile phone is a two-way communication device. It receives and sends signals to operate. Signal strength is represented by the number of "bars" on the notification panel of the phone. The more bars you see, the stronger the cell signal.

The strength of the connection between a phone and its locked adjacent cell site depends on incoming and outgoing signals and is affected by many different factors. The distance between a cell phone and a cell tower and the number of obstacles/obstructions between them are some of the main factors that determine how well a cell phone receives.

By the way, poor reception (fewer bars) usually indicates a great distance between the phone and the base station and/or a lot of signal interruption. That's why you can't get a signal in your garage or basement. It is much more difficult for signals to penetrate these areas of the house.

Again, signal jammers work the same way. Oddly, this is where it is weak.

Cell phone jammers are unlike any other electronic device you will find on the market. Its performance and efficiency depend to a large extent on the signal strength in a specific area.

For example. A mobile phone blocker with an output power of 1W per channel can block a mobile phone signal within a range of 10-30 meters, provided that the mobile phone signal strength is good or weak (there are 1-2 signal bars on the phone). If you receive full coverage at a certain location (there are 3-4 bars on the phone), a phone jammer with the same output power (1W) can only guarantee a interference radius of 3-10 meters.

Sometimes it may even be completely ineffective because the signal strength is too strong for a 1W jammer to handle. This must be understood before purchasing to avoid any complaints afterwards.

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