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Unlike most signal jammers, White Noise generators are not invasive


A white noise generator is a device that produces a sound similar to a waterfall or wind blowing through a tree. The resulting sound travels at the same or even higher frequency than the human voice.

Unlike most signal jammers, white noise generators are not as invasive, and cell phone jammer can be easily hidden in designated areas. There are many reasons for this.

First, in addition to being clearly audible, they also proved to be "annoying." The louder the volume, the more efficient the device.

Another difference that must be considered when buying white noise generators is that they must be close to the interlocutor.


All of the above can be a bit complicated to deal with, but when used in the right way, they can produce excellent devices.

To solve the noise problem, it is best to buy a white noise generator with headphones for each interlocutor in order to hear what is being said in a specific environment without being interrupted by noise.

Why should I buy a white noise generator?

Currently, they are the only devices capable of preventing analog and digital tape recorders from achieving their goals.

Who might need a white noise generator?

All those who want to make sure a conversation or meeting is safe. Every day, tape recorders and various types of spy equipment are the best-selling products in the electronics field.

Does the white noise generator prevent the phone from recording conversations?

The answer is yes. This is the main difference between white noise generators and other very expensive general-purpose devices. A white noise generator can destroy any tape recording made by any type of device.

Considering the benefits and the results achieved, the white noise generator will undoubtedly win the "Best product" award in this category.