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Cell Phone Software To Block Calls Free

Hadeyer Mario 2022/3/23

During the test, the signals of all mobile phones, Bluetooth, and WiFi devices are effectively shielded, and the shielding range is within 10 meters of the classrooms and classrooms of all test rooms. To this end, when building standardized test rooms, each test room is equipped with a Cell Phone Software To Block Calls Free . During the construction process, in order to avoid misoperation of classroom opening equipment, the cell phone jammer power supply is designed for centralized control, unified lead, and unified switch. This switch is only turned on and used during the national examination, and is generally turned off.

Now many people are looking for a signal shielding device with adjustable function that meets their own requirements, and the shielding frequency band and shielding distance can be adjusted according to the actual situation. Now such a goal will not be difficult for you because you can get a high-quality remote control cell phone jammer here, and there is a chance to learn more here. So, as long as you have a brief look at the details of "4 remote control adjustable mobile phone signal jammer", you will find that you can buy 4G Cell Phone Software To Block Calls Free with good quality and low price here. As a high-power 4G mobile phone jammer, this one can satisfy you. This desktop adjustable phone jammer is designed to be efficient because you can adjust the power to determine the shielding distance. The four frequency bands include CDMA800, GSM900, DCS1800 and 4G.