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Cell Phone Radiation Blocker Headband

Terres Manuela 2022/04/18

When the reporter took out his mobile phone two meters away, after a few seconds, the mobile phone signal was restored and the call was normal. Subsequently, the reporter also took the device to a car equipped with a GPS anti-theft device for testing, and the test results shocked the owner. Since the current GPS anti-theft devices on the market actually communicate with the monitoring center through mobile communication signals, the GPS is "blind" when the device is turned on and placed in the car. At that time, the reporter parked the car on the side of the road, turned on the Cell Phone Radiation Blocker Headband device, and put it in the car. When he got off the car and called the GPS company terminal to inquire about the location of the vehicle, the other party still said that he could not locate the vehicle for 3 minutes.

We all know that Cell Phone Radiation Blocker Headband is a special tool for preventing cheating, but it is not only used for cheating, but can also be used in various industries, such as large conferences organized by countries, training institutions, the military, etc. After we know what the cell phone jammer is for, we don't know how the jammer manufacturer makes this jammer. Let's take a look at how signal jammer manufacturers originally produced them. We are also well aware that developing a cell phone jammer tool will take a certain amount of time. In our company, they have a strong R&D team. They go from early conception to design to experimentation. These programs have to go through countless experiments to ensure that they can block the signal of the mobile phone before mass production. Otherwise, if the shielding function is not achieved, there will be prizes or losses in mass production.