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Can You Use A Cell Phone Blocker In The Us Block 4G Signal

Perfectjammer 2022/05/21

Today's society is developing faster and faster, the most obvious is the progress of science and technology. It is inevitable that the 4G era will replace the past 3G and 2G. Now 4G is not hot, and 5G is emerging again. However, 4G signals still exist as the mainstream. So, can the signal shielding of the exam room shield the 4G signal? This is a very critical question. In fact, the new mobile phone signal jammers on the market have been upgraded, and shielding 4G signals is almost standard. However, some of the cheaper Can You Use A Cell Phone Blocker In The Us models on the market can only block 2G or 3G signals. People who don't know this industry are likely to be fooled very easily. The test room signal blocker that shields 4G signals must have at least eight antennas. At present, the eight-wire cell phone jammer is divided into two types, one is an external antenna, and the other is an internal antenna. The two are well differentiated. The one with antennas is similar to the router, but it has more antennas than the router. As for the built-in, it is the size of a set-top box. Just plug it in directly. Most cell phone jammers can block many types of signals. Some can even block 5G signals.

In life, the college entrance examination is a very important node. It represents an important test for countless candidates to prove themselves. However, in such a sacred college entrance examination, there have been many cheating phenomena in recent years. Candidates who have achieved high scores without working hard will cheat in the examination room by purchasing some communication equipment for cheating. However, in the face of frequent occurrence of cheating in the examination room, a device called Can You Use A Cell Phone Blocker In The Us has also emerged as a means of effectively preventing cheating in the examination room. The cheating equipment in the examination room has now been vigorously promoted in the examination room as a means of anti-cheating.