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Some people should seriously consider the idea of buying a jammer that can be used to interrupt cell phone calls in the area with the push of a button


Future aircraft may also be divided into telephone zones and phone-free zones. You already know what this means for trains. There, travelers can choose between cars in the cell phone section and the quiet section - at least if the train isn't so full you must be happy to sit anywhere.

The principle is actually very simple: in the mobile phone area, the mobile phone reception will be improved, but not in the static area. Now the train has also announced that it will continue to enhance mobile reception on ICE. The rest area should be maintained. Small symbols indicate unwanted calls: stick figures, in conspiracy, with fingers over mouths. However, at least one person in the convertible often doesn't seem to see the signs and starts calling loudly.

Because cellphone reception in quiet areas of ICE is not increased, conversations are likely to be interrupted in the middle of a conversation when a train passes through an underserved area. Then the following monologue can be heard on the train: "Hello? Good morning? Are you there? I don't think the signal is good at the moment. I'll call you back as soon as I can! "Then it started again. Quiet zones are sometimes worse than phone stalls.

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From snippets of conversation to traffic lights

The situation on the streets is getting worse. Ironically, the ban on the use of mobile phones while driving imposed in France has led to streets becoming noise zones for mobile phones as well. This is made possible by a number of hands-free systems that have been built into in-vehicle electronics - and encourage drivers to talk on their phones while driving.

Since noise from your own vehicle or a car in an adjacent lane naturally interferes with a comfortable conversation behind the steering wheel, the speakers tilt upward. But that's mostly the result of cars talking loudly while waiting at traffic lights, and so far only tuned cars have been able to crown in the trunk.

Turn off the phone radio

At this point, some people should seriously toy with the idea of buying jammers that can be used to interrupt cell phone calls in the area with the push of a button. There is such a device. So-called cellular blockers, signal jammers, or cell phone blockers can especially be found in online stores of specialist technology providers that are not used every day, such as miniature cameras, directional microphones, or bugs.

In fact, jammers can have negative effects. In addition to the required transmission power and associated radiation, the cell phone interceptors are designed to completely disrupt cellular networks in the region. For example, if a movie theater, theater, or church were to force a needed break with the help of technology, the doctor on duty in the lobby would no longer be able to be reached by cell phone.