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Blocking Cell Phone Numbers On Outgoing Calls Meet The Needs Of Different Groups Of People

Perfectjammer 2022/06/03

Blocking Cell Phone Numbers On Outgoing Calls

Of course, the primary use case for cell phone jammers can be in cars due to its unique car charger design and application, and there are other places and conditions that require a quiet ambience to use this device as well. For example a restaurant, especially a western restaurant, where all customers eat quietly and politely, a sudden phone call may make people annoyed and angry. If you speak loudly to someone on the phone in this situation, you will be seen as a rude person. In this case, using Blocking Cell Phone Numbers On Outgoing Calls allows people to enjoy dinner with a lover or friend. In addition, this product can also be installed in libraries, conference rooms, hospitals, churches and other places to block phone signals and other bluetooth signals, keeping silent for people's daily life and study. Nowadays, with the widespread popularity of mobile phones, mobile phone blockers are no longer unfamiliar to people. In order to meet the needs of different people, there are various types of mobile phone blockers on the market for people to choose from. They range from large to small, from handheld devices to desktop designs, and are always in different shielding ranges. Which type to choose depends on your own actual use and preference. If you own a personal car and are very concerned about your high security, this car with a cell phone blocker in an online store might be the right choice for you.

To put it simply Blocking Cell Phone Numbers On Outgoing Calls The announced frequency interferes with the frequency of the mobile phone to receive the communication base station. After all, the jammer and the communication base station are a game connection. If the signal strength of the signal jammer is lower than the wireless communication that the communication base station pushes to the mobile phone in the natural environment at that time If the output power of the channel is higher, then the jammer will not be able to block the abuse. As long as the output power of the signal jammer exceeds the output power pushed by the communication base station to the mobile phone, it can ensure reasonable shielding. Therefore, all cell phone jammer used in different signal environments will show different screen distances, and mobile and Unicom Telecom will be different, because the communication base stations built by these three operators are relatively dense, communication Both the base station apparatus and its communication base station output power are unlikely to be the same. That is to say, how long the mobile phone jammer can screen the abuse is not only related to its own signal strength, but also related to the distance between the communication base stations in the application conditions. Another key element is the obstacle, if it is a metal material It will block immediately; if it is a load-bearing wall of a concrete structure, the attenuation coefficient after passing through is at least 10 times; if it is a wood panel or a laminated glass material, the attenuation coefficient after passing through is very small.

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