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Does Aluminum Foil Block Cell Phone Signal Block Multiple Signals

Perfectjammer 2022/05/04

Does Aluminum Foil Block Cell Phone Signal

Refine the process and strengthen the pre-exam training. In order to strengthen the guidance of the examination work, the responsibilities of each working group were refined, and the examination work guide was formulated in groups. On May 22, a special meeting was held to arrange the examination work, and the rules of the examination room, the rules of the patrol examination, and the handling of disciplinary violations were introduced in detail. On May 24th, all invigilators were organized to study the examination process, invigilation rules, candidates' operating procedures and other relevant precautions, with special emphasis on the test paper sealing procedures and requirements, so that the invigilators were familiar with the operating rules and ensured the examination. Work strictly in accordance with relevant regulations. Serious examination style and strict examination room discipline. One is to inform exam style and discipline before the exam. Publicize the "Exam Rules" and "Punishment Regulations" to candidates in advance, so that candidates understand the test style and disciplinary requirements. The second is to shield the examination room signal. Each test room is equipped with metal detectors and Does Aluminum Foil Block Cell Phone Signal . Candidates use metal detectors to check carefully before entering the test room, and open the shielding device throughout the process to ensure that mobile phones cannot obtain signals during the test. take an exam. The third is to strengthen the examination room inspection. Each floor is equipped with 6-7 examination room inspectors to assist invigilators to maintain order in the examination room. A total of 81 candidates who violated discipline were investigated and punished, and more than 60 cheating devices were confiscated. In addition, with the cooperation of the Municipal Radio Management Committee and the Public Security Bureau, 4 cheaters, 2 radio transmitters and a car were successfully captured outside the examination room, and they have been handed over to the public security department for processing.

Signal jammers can interfere with mobile phone signals in conference rooms, exam rooms, etc. Does Aluminum Foil Block Cell Phone Signal has become a popular tool to avoid the impact of cell phone communications during meetings and testing, preventing information leakage and testing fraud. The existing signal concealment devices mainly control interference switching manually. The program cannot be set automatically. High work intensity. It is inconvenient to use. Stealth devices have no monitoring devices. cannot be repaired in time. High temperatures of cell phone jammer can cause circuit damage. Block phone and GPS signals on eight bands simultaneously. The shielding distance can be up to 15 meters. To get a 4G cell phone signal jammer, just fully charge the rechargeable battery and it can work continuously for about 60 minutes. If you want to use a signal concealment device in your car, use a cigar socket charger designed for cell phone jammers. It can be used directly in the car, which is very convenient. to achieve goals.

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