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Block Unwanted Calls On Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2021/11/02

In 2020, 470,602 people in Guizhou Province signed up for the college entrance examination, of which 397,436 were registered for the general college entrance examination and 73,166 were registered for the higher vocational classification examination. Among the number of applicants for the general college entrance examination, the comprehensive assessment of senior high school students for the classification examination of higher vocational education is planned to admit 42,557 people, and 354,879 candidates who participated in the general college entrance examination from July 7 to 8. This year, there are 248 test centers set up, 12,623 test centers are scheduled (each test center includes at least one alternate test center and an isolated test center), and the number of test staff is expected to be about 40,000. According to reports, the second college entrance examination English listening test postponed due to the epidemic will be conducted in the morning of July 9. The test has been completed in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education Block Unwanted Calls On Cell Phone , and 331982 candidates will take the test. cell phone jammer

According to the requirements, this year's college entrance examination must be conducted in standardized test centers, and the test center video and remote network monitoring system are all enabled. At the same time, the examination room equipment such as ID card identification device, Block Unwanted Calls On Cell Phone , metal detector and electronic wall clock should be used normally and in accordance with regulations. All candidates should use uniform stationery. In order to effectively prevent and control the epidemic, each test site will be equipped with infrared thermometers, body temperature detectors, masks, hand sanitizers and other epidemic prevention equipment and materials as required. All localities will eliminate potential safety hazards in advance and carry out the "five special actions" for comprehensive management of the examination environment.