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Child Cell Phone Call Blocker

Perfectjammer 2021/10/31

On the 7th, the college entrance examination was opened. The 186,000 examinees in Chongqing entered 6,273 examination rooms in the city, ushering in the first examination. In order to strengthen the supervision and inspection, during the college entrance examination, the Municipal Education Commission, the Municipal Education Examination Institute organized disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres, college admissions directors and other 98 people to go to each examination area and test center to conduct inspection inspections to achieve full coverage of inspections. According to reports, the city’s 6,263 standardized test centers for the college entrance examination this year are all located in standardized test centers, which have achieved "three-level networking", equipped with Child Cell Phone Call Blocker , second-generation ID card recognition devices, metal detectors and other anti-high-tech cheating equipment, and modern technical means armed test centers. , Monitoring the examination room and preventing cheating has achieved "full coverage". At the Examination Center Command Center of Chongqing No. 1 Middle School, the reporter saw that several large screens lay across the wall. The electronic monitoring system performed real-time monitoring and full video recording of 78 examination rooms in the test center to prevent large-scale or organized violations of discipline and fraud. event. cell phone jammer

Candidates should be identified strictly when they enter the venue to prevent gunmen from taking the exam. At the same time, they should be carefully and carefully inspected under video surveillance with a metal detector. They should be strictly prevented from entering the exam room with mobile phones, cameras, video cameras, scanning and other shooting and receiving equipment to prevent transmission. Cheating on test questions and answers. Aiming at the question of safety issues. Strictly review and record all personnel who come into contact with test questions; strengthen the construction and implementation of the security and confidentiality system, strictly inspect and enable approval of test questions storage places, set up special test questions in each test center, seamlessly connect and supervise the whole process of test question circulation, and be resolute and resolute. Completely eliminate hidden dangers of confidentiality and prevent any incidents of loss or leakage. Especially for the foreign language listening test, which is the most risky in the test, each district and county and test center start from the host, Child Cell Phone Call Blocker equipment, software, operation and other links, and repeat the drill to ensure that there is nothing wrong. It is reported that this year will increase the supervision, inspection and reminder of instructions broadcast, hearing playback equipment detection and clock adjustment, and resolutely prevent incidents such as early bell ringing and subject errors. Do a good job in the cross-counting of answer sheets, test questions, etc., and the signing and confirmation of both parties during acceptance to ensure that there are no omissions and errors.