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Wifi Jammer Esp8266 Apk

Perfectjammer 2021/12/06

In recent years, mobile phones have exploded. A large amount of capital, manpower, and material resources are infinitely invested in the research and development and production of mobile phones. In this frenzy, when manufacturers and sellers guide people to consume mobile phones, they only emphasize the positive functions of mobile phones, and "forget" to tell people its side effects. In fact, through various specific cases or investigations, it can be found that the side effects of mobile phones are already great, and we have to deal with them. Most importantly, the uncontrolled mass use of mobile phones has made people more and more "transparent". In this open communication system, people with ulterior motives can monitor any information you send anytime and anywhere. In an unprotected environment, you are actually a "transparent person." A country composed of "transparent people" is actually a "transparent" country. The security protection of mobile phones may seem simple and trivial, or even a bit unreasonable, but in fact it is a national matter, not only related to personal information security, but also related to the information security of the entire country. Therefore, the emergence of Wifi Jammer Esp8266 Apk can make people feel more at ease about the use of some electronic devices. WiFi Jammer

Last year, a member of the CPPCC in Guangzhou’s education sector proposed that the government should fund the installation of Wifi Jammer Esp8266 Apk in student dormitories to prevent students from chatting and surfing the Internet after turning off the lights at night, which would affect students’ lives. The next day of study. In response to this proposal, we also conducted an online survey. The results showed that the support or disapproval rate did not exceed 50%-38% of the votes supporting the installation to facilitate students' rest. 43% of the votes considered it unnecessary, "students should be self-disciplined", and another 18% The ballot supports "mobile phone zone can be set".