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Despite having spam blocker cell phones are incapable of blocking 5G signals

perfectjammer png2022/04/08

Every college entrance examination has the burden of selecting outstanding talents for the country, and it is related to the fortunes of thousands of Chinese teenagers. The examination is fair and just, and fairness is very important.

Today's shielding technology for 2G/3G/4G signals has long been perfect, but at present, the vast majority of What Cell Phones Have Spam Blocker computers on the market cannot shield 5G signals. With the rapid development of high-tech, how to ensure the discipline of the examination room and severely crack down on possible frauds Personal fraud, to avoid the dissemination of information in the examination room becomes a matter of fact.

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After receiving the clear request of the Ministry of Education for the cell phone jammer solution, China Mobile responded quickly and set up a key elite team immediately.

This method can deploy a set of signal shielding equipment in each standardized classroom, complete the 5G signal shielding device in the examination room, and at the same time can effectively close the screen 2G/3G/4G signal and mobile phone Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other style signals, Ensure the fairness and impartiality of the examination to the greatest extent possible.

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The signal shield is connected to the machine equipment 1394, and it does not need to be equipped, and the application is convenient and quick, and the use is flexible. In the solution, the 5G signal jammer equipment management system is brought in at the same time to complete the unified data information display of the information such as the model specifications, conditions, and deployment locations of the connected machines and equipment.

In the market, many What Cell Phones Have Spam Blocker manufacturers are positioned to be high-end brands. The service of such high-end manufacturers is relatively good, and the products are also doing quite well.

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Of course the price will be higher. When choosing a 5g mobile phone signal jammer, you can compare different manufacturers to see if they are professional solutions or professional products. In contrast, those who specialize in products are relatively indulged in technical details. control is very strict. It is recommended that you compare and consult different manufacturers, shop around and then choose to buy, so that you can buy products that are super cost-effective.

The price of the signal jammer motherboard is determined according to the different modules. In the market, the price of a synthetic module is relatively cheap. Some are different signals, so the modules are all different. The price will be relatively expensive.

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Other parameters are not high, the power consumption is large and the heat is fast, it is a single module, and the price is relatively cheap, which is a fraction of the independent module. As the saying goes, you get what you get for what you pay for. The external mobile phone signal jammer has high antenna gain, high shielding efficiency, stable myocardial infarction, good heat dissipation, and 24-hour uninterrupted work.

  1. With the advent of 5G technology, there arises a new challenge as traditional signal shielding methods may not effectively block these advanced signals.
  2. By deploying signal shielding equipment in standardized classrooms, the solution effectively blocks 5G signals along with 2G/3G/4G signals, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other communication styles commonly used in mobile phones. This comprehensive approach helps maintain discipline and prevent fraud during examinations, safeguarding the credibility of the examination process.
  3. While high-end brands may come with a higher price tag, they often provide superior service and performance. Prospective buyers are advised to compare different manufacturers and products to ensure cost-effectiveness and suitability for their specific needs.
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Synthetic modules may offer cost savings but may lack certain features or performance capabilities compared to independent modules. It's emphasized that investing in external mobile phone signal jammers with features like high antenna gain, shielding efficiency, and stable performance ensures reliable operation and uninterrupted functionality, essential for maintaining exam integrity.

Effective implementation of such solutions requires careful consideration of factors such as manufacturer reputation, product quality, and compatibility with emerging signal standards like 5G.

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