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Cell Phone No Longer Allowing Blocked Calls Prevents Wireless Communication Cheating

Perfectjammer 2022/04/07

Cell Phone No Longer Allowing Blocked Calls

After plugging in the power supply and turning on the instrument with one key, the mobile phone signal in the hands of the testers quickly disappeared within a few seconds, and the testers could not send and receive messages and make calls. "This year, the number of test centers in our school has increased by 48 Cell Phone No Longer Allowing Blocked Calls , which can further prevent cheating using wireless communication methods." Weng Wenzhu, director of the Sports Health and Art Department of Hainan Huaqiao Middle School, introduced that the school has recently completed the installation and commissioning of new cell phone jammer equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of various types of equipment, the school has also established a special technical team, and arranged for special personnel to overhaul and maintain the use of power, voltage, monitoring systems and other equipment.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of communication, the communication between people is getting closer and closer, but communication technology has brought convenience to people, but also brought new challenges to the security and confidentiality of communication. There have been incidents such as wiretapping, leaks, cheating in the examination room, and gas station explosions. Prisoners using cellphones were able to instruct their outside accomplices to continue illegal activities in their own confined cells. They plan to clear crimes behind the scenes, order killings, and even contact outside accomplices for prison riots and escapes. The degree and severity of its harm have attracted the attention of leaders at all levels. The presence of Cell Phone No Longer Allowing Blocked Calls prevents this from happening.

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