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Block Restricted Calls Me Your Cell Phone

Burri Alain 2022/04/15

The Municipal Education Commission stated that the installation of jammers is a personal act. "Installing Block Restricted Calls Me Your Cell Phone is the school's own behavior, and the education authority has no specific regulations on this." The person in charge of the relevant department of the Municipal Education Commission said yesterday that whether electromagnetic radiation is harmful remains to be tested. Expert opinion: Low power does not affect the body. Du Binggui, an engineer in the electromagnetic room of the Beijing Radiation Environment Management Center, said in an interview that the mobile phone jammer placed in the corridor is a low-power device, and the electromagnetic radiation range of this cell phone jammer is only a few dozen. Rice will not harm the health of teachers and students.

Recently, a news reporter found that in Shenzhen Electronic City, a thing called " Block Restricted Calls Me Your Cell Phone " was selling well. Journalists bought an experiment and found it to be jaw-droppingly functional. In this regard, the relevant departments of the Shenzhen Wireless Communication Management Measures stated that the use of such machines and equipment is illegal except for the documents and addresses approved by the security information confidentiality unit. The masses can report the situation to them. "Even the college entrance examination, the people's court, the customs and other places do not allow them to install this kind of mechanical equipment."