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Blocking private numbers from calling your cell phone hinders signal transmission

Perfectjammer 2022/04/25

When you call a mobile phone from a private number, the signal transmission is disabled. In order to better prevent the staff in the cell from communicating with the outside world, some detention centers or large and small cells will also use the method of blocking private numbers. Call your mobile phone.

Some audio and video venues also require cell phone signal jammers, as if the cinema does not allow the transmission of data signals on the mobile phone in order to better avoid theft and retake. The application of Cell Phone Jammer will continue to be reflected in some large and medium-sized festivals.

For example, in Xi 'an, China, the flow of large and medium-sized festivals is relatively large. It's common for people to take photos and post them to their wechat moments. It is very easy to cause poor flow of people and then stampede.

The people's court is the domain of safeguarding the interests of the common people, ensuring that the whole process of trial goes smoothly and is free from external damage. The People's Court is a solemn place and should not be disturbed by phone calls.

Therefore, "Block private numbers from calling your cell phone" should be used in court to ensure authority. Imagine if you had to go to a concert at the arts center and you liked to keep ringing the doorbell next to you or calling out personal acts, I think yes, it would make you very angry. That's why the art center has jammers on its phones.

On the one hand, it can prevent the ringtone from affecting the performer of the song, and on the other hand, it can ensure that the listener has a stronger feeling. If you're at a great concert or watching a great movie, and there's a ringtone theater nearby, then everyone's going to be pissed. If you think it should not be generated in such an area, you can use a 5G signal jammer.