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Verizon Cell Phone Block List

Perfectjammer 2021-10-24

Verizon Cell Phone Block List

CET-4 and CET-6 exams are in progress, and postgraduate exams are about to begin. All kinds of cheating advertisements are flooding again on campus. The reporter found in unannounced interviews that many agents who had “guaranteed training” and “test-assisted team” highly recommended them. A variety of different kinds of cheating equipment, including the magical anti Verizon Cell Phone Block List "eraser". In the student toilet of a university teaching building in the east, the reporter saw a few small advertisements called "Class 4 and 6 Guaranteed" as soon as the reporter pushed the door. The other party left the phone number and QQ number. The reporter added one of the QQ numbers and a screen name cell phone jammer

The person of "Level Four and Six Forever" quickly replied: "The space has related logs, please read the details first!" The reporter opened the QQ space, and the homepage introduced the price and the specific operation process with pictures and texts. In the dialogue, "Level 4 and 6 Forever" said, "We have been doing this for many years, as long as we copy it to guarantee a score of 550 or more, 100% of the line is passed." When discussing the price, the other party seemed very annoyed, "A lot of people have asked recently. , You can read what it says in the log first!" In the space log of "Level 4 and 6 Forever", it reads "Level 4, Level 6, the price is 600 yuan per person, and the Verizon Cell Phone Block List cheating equipment is paid when the exam is completed. After the trial, we will return the cheating equipment to us. We have been doing this for many years! "The teacher" from Beijing with the screen name "Worry-free Test" told reporters, "The price is divided into two aspects: answer and equipment. Different equipment Different prices, good equipment is naturally more expensive, and we express the equipment in other places and will never delay the exam!"

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