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Blocking Outgoing GPS

Perfectjammer 2021-10-23

Blocking Outgoing GPS

After installing a GPS signal jammer, the driver tried to put on a "stealth suit" for the taxi he was driving to avoid inspection, but he didn't want to get caught. Today (7), Chongqing Traffic Law Enforcement Yuzhong District Brigade informed that not only was the offending driver Han Mou fined 200 yuan, the vehicle involved in the case was also suspended for three days. According to the law enforcement members of the Yuzhong District Brigade of Traffic Law Enforcement, at 5 pm on March 4, they and the self-discipline inspection team of the taxi industry found that a vehicle with a license plate of Chongqing B5T5** was inspected at the taxi stand in Caiyuanba. There is a black rectangular object at the center armrest of the front row of the taxi, and the green light flashes on the black object. "At first we thought it was a walkie-talkie, but after a closer look, it was Blocking Outgoing GPS, which was in use." The law enforcement officer then stopped the car. In the face of law enforcement investigations, the driver Han said that he was unaware of the incident and was the work of the top driver. But when law enforcement officers asked him to provide the name and contact information of the top driver, he, as the lead driver, also said that he did not know. gps jammer

Law enforcement officials stated that Blocking Outgoing GPS can interfere with GPS signals during the time period they choose, so that law enforcement agencies cannot obtain effective information when supervising and retrieving the GPS trajectory of the vehicle. Because the driver, Mr. Han, violated the relevant provisions of the "Chongqing Municipal Taxi Passenger Transport Management Measures," he will face a fine of 200 yuan. At the same time, law enforcement team members reported the situation to the company to which the vehicle belongs, and the company rectified the suspension of the vehicle for three days. Traffic law enforcement officials said that traffic law enforcement agencies will focus on monitoring violations such as the use of GPS jammers. Once found, in addition to handling in accordance with laws and regulations, vehicles and drivers involved in the case will also be included in the key supervision list, and penalties will be increased depending on the circumstances.

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