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Cell Phone Imei Blocked

Perfectjammer 2021-10-23

Cell Phone Imei Blocked

During the unannounced visits, the "guarantee" sales agent’s tricks of cheating were dazzling, and the prices offered ranged from 600 to 2,000 yuan. Many "protected agents" have said that the old style headphones have been eliminated long ago, and the current equipment has been "updated", such as eraser cheaters and pencil cheaters. "Level 4 and 6 Forever" vigorously promoted a kind of "rubber" to unannounced reporters. "Our guarantee training is to equip each of you with an anti- Cell Phone Imei Blocked , anti-detection camouflage rubber SMS receiver. Our teacher finishes the answer and sorts it out. After coming out, use the radio to transmit the answers to you near the examination room. The entire transmission process takes less than 1 minute. Don’t be afraid of the electronic detector. It is absolutely safe!” When the reporter questioned the safety of the equipment, the other party immediately explained, “Eraser The size is 1.5×2.5 cm, it is absolutely shield-proof, and it is convenient to view the page up and down in the palm of your hand. After this device is sent in, the content will be stored on it. When you want to see it, you can read it at any time. You can turn the page up and down! ” cell phone jammer

The innovative technology of the eraser leads everyone to subvert the concept of the traditional eraser, constantly pursue excellence, and reach the invisible realm. If you miss us, wait another year; choose us, choose success! "Over the Agency" even played such a propaganda sign. A student from a university in eastern Qingdao who did not want to be named said that because he had not even passed CET 4 exams three times, he had purchased Cell Phone Imei Blocked , "The experience was quite unforgettable. I was afraid of being caught during the exam. The results obtained from hard study are the most reliable!"

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