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Should universities use cell phone jammers?

Perfectjammer 2019-07-15

Classroom signal shielding device installed, as long as the teacher pressed the button, all mobile phone change board brick. The teacher's mastery of this technology will undoubtedly make students "shudder".

Liu shuai, a student at China university of petroleum in east China, revealed in a photo posted by himself Wednesday that teachers at zhongshi university can choose to block cell phone signals in their classrooms. This matter caused heated discussion among netizens, most netizens do not recognize this practice, worried about no mobile phone signal, there is an emergency call or communication.

Liu shuai, a student at China university of petroleum in east China, posted a photo of a multimedia teaching console in his school's classroom on renren.com on Sunday. At first glance, it is no different from the multimedia teaching equipment on the platform of other universities, but if you look closely, you will find the highlights: there are two buttons on the console that say the switch on and off of the shielding device.

Liu shuai also attached a picture to this picture, the picture said that "as long as the teacher is willing to, when the class pressed the button, the whole class mobile phone directly no signal." "If you're trying to maintain what you call a good school ethic in this way," you're really not far from failing, "he said.

On August 19, there is a large stone network teacher Chen, director of the center for clarification, the so-called signal shielding instrument as well as camera is built with standardized examination room, only used in the exam, not for the shielding of the signal, at ordinary times is a supplement to the classroom to install surveillance cameras last year, the standardized examination room is for the construction of the relevant documents according to the ministry of education and department of education. In addition, the wireless network established by the lecture group and nan jiao is based on the campus network account wireless network (upc-stu), which has nothing to do with mobile wireless (CMCC).

Installation of cell phone jammer in the classroom than this one, China university of petroleum (Beijing) in February 2012 in the third classroom building throughout the day use a mobile phone signal shielding device, rules from eight in the morning to eleven o 'clock at noon in class 45 points, 15 points at half-past one this afternoon to five, at half past six in the evening until nine o 'clock, a total of nearly 10 hours for mobile phone signal shielding device on time. As a result, some students reported the situation to the Beijing municipal commission of education.

In addition, in May 2007, the third floor of fuchengmen campus of Beijing technology and business university also installed a mobile phone signal shielding device. In the building, all cell phone signals are blocked, a move the university said was aimed at building a study atmosphere and preventing students from receiving and calling cell phones in class, but some teachers and students questioned the practice. In May 2006, the central university of finance and economics announced on its website that it would install a cellphone signal blocking device in its teaching building and lecture hall in the exhibition building. Several media outlets in Beijing have published reports on the issue, which has sparked widespread controversy.