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Cell phone jammers prevent children myopia

Perfectjammer 2019-05-09

Nowadays children are using mobile phones more and more. More and more teenagers begin to wear glasses. Why? Academics have an answer. Electronic devices emit a harmful blue light, which can damage our eyes. As a result, the longer a child USES a mobile phone, the faster he or she becomes short-sighted. For this the children's health institute has developed a device called a cell phone jammer. The device effectively blocks cell phone signals around them, preventing children from continuing to surf the web on their phones. At present, many schools and parents choose to buy this product

The device could emit a radio nuisance, effectively blocking the transmission of signals from mobile phone networks. This can effectively prevent children from using mobile phones for a long time. The device is currently very popular with parents in Europe. And in the United States, there are trends that are starting to catch on.