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Cell Phone Robocalls Blocker Prevents Information From Being Processed

Perfectjammer 2022/01/05

In today's society where market competition is increasingly fierce and cruel and complex, the means and methods of stealing secrets in private conversations and business activities are becoming more and more professional and concealed. "Eavesdropping" in real life is being staged every day. How can we avoid it? Woolen cloth? How to more effectively prevent being recorded? The effective way to prevent recording is to generate random noise signals through Cell Phone Robocalls Blocker , which will cause suppressive interference to the voice signal, so that the recording equipment only picks up the noise information, but cannot distinguish the voice information, and cannot restore the original information from the recorded signal. , so as to ensure the security of voice information. Cell Phone Jammer adopts security encryption processing, and effectively prevents post-recovery by mixing high and low frequency audio sources. Whether it is wired or wireless various pickups and microphones, as long as it is a capacitive pickup, it can be completely interfered by a mobile phone jammer.

The newly developed L7B mobile phone jammer can solve your worries. The mobile phone signal jammer is a highly integrated security protection device, which integrates ultrasonic interference and voice sound wave interference, and can effectively interfere with voice recorders, mobile phone recordings, and tape recordings. It can interfere with various voice eavesdroppers such as wireless eavesdropping, wired eavesdropping, partition eavesdropping, laser eavesdropping, etc., so that the conversation sound obtained by the eavesdropper cannot be recognized, thus effectively protecting your privacy. Cell Phone Robocalls Blocker The feature is high interference intensity: our self-developed FPGA-based ultrasonic noise algorithm can effectively interfere with digital devices such as mobile phones and voice recorders, record noise, and completely eliminate the harsh sound that a few people can hear. The anti-recording device can interfere with 95% of mobile phones at a distance of more than two meters, 60% of mobile phones with a distance of more than 5 meters, and interfere with iPhone X, iPhone 8 and other mobile phones within 10 meters, which can effectively protect the content of conversations. Many interference devices: good interference effect on various mobile phones such as iPhone series, Huawei mate, Honor, OPPO, VIVO, Samsung, Nubia, Meizu, Nut, etc. The recording pen test has a good interference effect.