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Gps Jamming Application for tracking GPS coordinates

The application will record your coordinates, position and altitude in a kml or gpx file. The purpose of GPS trackers is to identify, lock onto and track objects. It can be a person, car, place or anything that has been marked by a GPS device. It is also used to record useful information. I have a poor sense of direction and always forget which way to go in the parking lot. I'm happy to say I'm not the only one.

Ability to send you a silent SOS with your location when you are stranded or facing an emergency. A crash will be detected and GPS assistance will be automatically sent to the location, including towing, medical assistance, and even disaster response,subject to GPS jammers blocker jamming.

New Portable Hidden 4 Antennas Mini GPS/GSM Jammer

Mini GPS Jammer

4 Bands 1.2W with Ni-Mh battery 2000Mah, Working around 1.5 Hours Support use while battery charging.Shielding radius: (1-10) meters at -75dBm with omni hidden antennas.Could be used in car directly with USB charge cable.Pocket design look like the mobile phone power bank.


JAX-101C Cell Phone Jammer GSM 3G 4G GPS 5.8G WiFi Adjustable

5G mobile phone blocker

Although this type of jammer looks a little bulky, But It can effectively jamming 2G 3G 4G cell phone signals.18W power , jamming range up to 40 meters . Is a very cost-effective jamming device. Designed for the latest 5.8G signal, it can effectively block 5G mobile phone signals.


EO-10 Military Cell Phone GPS WiFi Lojack 433/315/868MHz Jammer

10 Bands Jammer

As the newest military-grade product, the advantages of this jammer are obvious. It has the characteristics of large jamming range and multiple jamming frequencies bands.


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