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Build Your Own Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/11/22

Detection through mobile phone signals; this kind of technology is the mainstream technology in the past, especially in examination rooms, police arrests, etc. It can be used for detection. The premise of detection is that the mobile phone must be turned on, the mobile phone is in no signal or the mobile phone is turned off. Barriers appear; in addition, everyone knows that the mobile phone is currently a multimedia device. It is no longer limited to making calls or sending text messages. The mobile phone can still take pictures, video, and record when there is no signal. This has become a major means of leaking secrets and cannot be effective. And accurately solve the problem of mobile phone leakage; 2. Control by shielding means; still often life Build Your Own Cell Phone Signal Jammer is a common and relatively familiar technology, that is, common mobile phone jammers, signal jammers and other equipment, the most common place is Various examination rooms and confidential meeting rooms, etc.; cell phone jammer

There are many shielding methods: 1. Build Your Own Cell Phone Signal Jammer 2. jammer 3. shielding bag 4. shielding cabinet. The shielding method is mainly to cut off the external communication of the mobile phone, but it is easy to ignore the entertainment and multimedia functions of the mobile phone. Under the circumstances, it is still possible to take pictures, video, recording, etc., and the enemy spy agencies use the presence or absence of the mobile phone signal as the basis for monitoring, which greatly reduces the workload of eavesdropping, so it cannot effectively solve the risk of mobile phone leakage; 3. Pass Detect mobile phone-related features for management; through the previous analysis, you can see that the first two are controlling the mobile phone’s signal, but they can’t do anything with the mobile phone’s multimedia functions. Therefore, CoolGuard’s mobile phone detection door is considered the most current through research on domestic and foreign technologies. An effective method is to prohibit the mobile phone from being brought into secret places, and it can be detected whether it is turned on, turned off, or unplugged. At the same time, the location of the mobile phone needs to be determined, which greatly reduces the workload of security personnel. ;