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Block Restricted Calls On Cell Phone Causes Transmission Exception

Perfectjammer 2022-02-24

Cell phone signal jammers are often used in our study and life. Have you noticed the various devices in the examination room? The more technology develops, the more complete the test room facilities will be. Block Restricted Calls On Cell Phone is one of the most common equipment. You need to pay attention to the following three points when using the equipment safely. Cell Phone Jammer has a certain range of use. Although the cell phone signal jammer is called a cell phone signal jammer, it does not actually block the signal, but looks like a signal jammer. Generally speaking, the connection between the mobile phone and the mobile phone will pass through the base station, that is, the path of the mobile phone-base station-mobile phone. The signal jammer will interfere with the contact path between the mobile phone and the base station, resulting in abnormal transmission. However, the base station is public for mobile phones within a certain range, so it often happens that the mobile phone signal cannot be used normally even if it is not in the examination room.

Cell phone jammers are not a panacea. Now the Block Restricted Calls On Cell Phone on the market can limit the mobile phone signal beyond 500M meters from the transmitter and with a radius of >20 meters. The shielding radius is adjustable, it only shields the mobile phone signal without affecting other electronic devices. So if you haven't been near the exam room recently, the mobile phone signal is not good, don't be in a hurry to blame the mobile phone signal jammer, it may also be your own mobile phone problem. There are regulations on the interference frequency bands of mobile phone signal jammers. The entire frequency band of electromagnetic waves is very wide, ranging from the smallest Hz to the largest tens of hundreds of GHz, and each segment can be used. Generally speaking, the following types are commonly used: the receiving frequency band of GSM is Cell Phone Jammer 5-960 MHz; the receiving frequency of CDMA is The frequency band is 869-894MHz; the receiving frequency band of DCS is 1805-1 Cell Phone Jammer 0MHz. The above are the key points for the safe use of mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room. In order to avoid the discovery of information accidents in the examination room, I hope everyone will pay attention.