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8 Bands Drone RF Blocker Device

$1524.60$1070.99Save 35% Product Details

This drone jammer can jammer any small UAV remote control, GPS navigation, image transmission, can block 2.4G, GPS, 5.8G. Signal transmission distance of 5-35 meters, 360 ° surround launch.

Review RF Signal Drone Jammer

Date Added: 07/25/2020 by Nguyen Hung

I received this product on the seventh day. Beautiful and portable design is my favorite type. After opening the package, I can't wait to test it: all functions are perfect and can meet my expectations.

Date Added: 09/03/2019 by LaPierre Elizabeth

Operate completely in accordance with advertising. You cannot pay any price for this. Easy to use and understand, I suggest you do this.

Date Added: 11/29/2017 by Kingsley Giles

Since I bought the jammer, annoying drones can no longer be seen near my home. It's woderful!

Date Added: 11/08/2017 by Masefield James

Unexpected results, quickly shot down UAVs. I can enjoy the quiet weekend. Highly recommended!