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Power Adjustable 14 Bands Desktop

$1679.01$1003.46Save 45% Product Details

This mobilephone jammer can jamming 14 bands, according to the need to control the frequency band to be blocked. Has a good heat dissipation system, can work continuously for a long time

Review 14 Bands Blocker

Date Added: 11/12/2020 by Jordan Marcia

The signal jammer is as powerful as the description and can work normally.

Date Added: 10/28/2020 by Batarce Jorge

Receive within 5 days, just use the power supply to test.

Date Added: 09/23/2020 by Macrellis James

I have used one of these mini devices for many years, but noticed that many 4G signals were not blocked, so I upgraded to this device. I miss this small unit without an antenna extension, but this one is small enough to fit in my pocket without too much volume, it will knock down all signals.

Date Added: 05/03/2020 by Petrucci Andrea

So I only used the jammer a few times, and it can only be used for an hour at most. Now if I charge for 3 hours and then charge for 5 minutes (regardless of charging), it will be a miracle, this is the only reason it is not a perfect 5 stars , Due to the international situation, I have never contacted the support for help or replacement. Trying to figure out how to replace the battery because it is a simple plug that can be disconnected.

Date Added: 03/03/2018 by Todd Huntington

Very powerful desktop jammer!!! The jamming distance is beyond imagination

Date Added: 12/03/2017 by More Quick

Blocker that can jam a wide range of signals, really great! Adjust the output power is also very convenient!

Date Added: 11/13/2017 by Bloor Gary

A very jammer that can jammer a very large area. Can adjust the interference range, it is very convenient to use, I am satisfied