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Cellphone 8 Bands Desktop Jammer

$692.52$460.89Save 45% Product Details

This signal jammer use of slow start circuit design to avoid the mechanical switch generated by the phenomenon of ignition. Use of high hardness black aluminum shell, improve product heat dissipation. With unique cooling technology, you can use this jammer 24 hours a day.

Review 8 Bands Desktop Phone Blocker

Date Added: 03/24/2020 by Faid Brent

I have tested it, as you describe on the web.

Date Added: 10/07/2019 by Smith Spencer

I am a very satisfied customer because they always answer my questions on time without delay. The quality products and packaging are also very good. I will order from you again, thank you very much

Date Added: 05/01/2018 by Andrea Boyle

A satisfactory product! The heat dissipation performance is very good!!

Date Added: 12/09/2017 by Carter George

Really own perfect jamming distance and jamming frequnecy bands. I really like this mobile jammer

Date Added: 11/01/2017 by Morrison Clive

As the description says, can work long time without overheating. Jammer effect is very good, there is no signal transmission meeting room