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Waterproof All-In-One Cell Phones Jammers

$3959.98$2138.39Save 40% Product Details

The jammer device is easy to install, interference distance, the effect is stable. The rear of the host is equipped with a high-efficiency heat sink to protect long-term work needs

Review Waterproof Jammer Device

Date Added: 04/25/2018 by Deborah Judith

This jamming device suitable for outdoor use. Waterproof properties is good!

Date Added: 12/05/2017 by Piers Bell

Amazing waterproof jammer! Used in prison is really good! Finally do not have to check whether the prisoners smuggle mobile phones!

Date Added: 10/25/2017 by Theresa Nelson

Very interesting design, built-in antenna, does not look like a jammer. Waterproof function is very practical, can be used in the open air.