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Waterproof All-In-One Cell Phones Jammers

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The jammer device is easy to install, interference distance, the effect is stable. The rear of the host is equipped with a high-efficiency heat sink to protect long-term work needs

Review Waterproof Jammer Device

Date Added: 06/07/2020 by Shpunt Michael

When the signal jammer switch is turned on, the blocked signal will be eliminated. This is the best signal canceller

Date Added:04/32/2019 by DGillam Lianne

I purchased this jammer for use during company meetings, with the purpose of disabling attendees’ phones. Now, we have received full attention from everyone, and our trade secrets are more secure. The device is so powerful that we had to turn it off. highly recommended.

Date Added: 04/25/2018 by Deborah Judith

This jamming device suitable for outdoor use. Waterproof properties is good!

Date Added: 12/05/2017 by Piers Bell

Amazing waterproof jammer! Used in prison is really good! Finally do not have to check whether the prisoners smuggle mobile phones!

Date Added: 10/25/2017 by Theresa Nelson

Very interesting design, built-in antenna, does not look like a jammer. Waterproof function is very practical, can be used in the open air.