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S8-WG High Power 8 Bands 3G 4GLTE GPS WiFi Cheap Jammer

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It's awesome, it works. I don't have a radiation detector to see if it actually blocks them but when I open the jammer, calls don't connect. The quality is good, the technology works, and it's sturdy and easy to carry :). I purchased this to test in our secure facility. It blocks cell, Bluetooth and RFID from my initial tests. Now here's the very good part. Cell signals are easier to block, but Wifi is much harder, especially near the router. The signal strength can be very high. This device blocks both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wifi.

Review 8 Bands S8-WG GLTE GPS WiFi Jammer

Date Added: 01/25/2019 by Nigel Evelina

This is a very good jammer to buy. The other day I bought it as a birthday gift to a friend. My friend said it was one of the best gifts he ever received.