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12 Bands Military High Power WiFi GPS Lojack Jammer

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I used and tested this device using conventional and unconventional methods. and it provides total darkness protection from any possible hacking, and it blocks all kinds of signals wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, calls, messages, data/internet, location, and most importantly any back-and-forth communication with cellphone towers. So, it does protect you from hacking, protects your privacy, location, and digital forensics when it comes cellphones (it won't reveal your location whether your phone or comm. equipment is using the internet date, google location or simple cellphone triangulation to reveal you past and current location and movements as long as the bad is properly sealed.

Review WF-K6 Hidden Military SM 3G 4G GPS WiFi Signal Jammer

Date Added: 03/05/2019 by Barbara Josh

Power beyond imagination. And it's very portable. It can last about 2 hours. Expect it to perform on April fool's day. I seem to have seen the surprised faces of my friends