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Cell Phone GPS WiFi Blocker 10 Bands

$1036.20$601.00Save 42% Product Details

This is a great jammer!!! Each frequency band is controlled by a separate switch

Review 10 Bands Military Cell Phone Jammer

Date Added: 02/05/2019 by Avery Edith

Great!! Just what I need. So cool! It worked better than I expected!

Date Added: 01/18/2019 by Alston Joule

It's very satisfactory to buy such a jammer at this price. Its performance far exceeded expectations.

Date Added: 12/24/2018 by Gabrielle Senior

It's a Christmas present for my friend. He likes it very much!!!

Date Added: 11/25/2018 by Devin Eveline

Everything is satisfactory except the transportation speed. Great product!!!