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Will mobile phone jammers affect children's body and mind?

Perfectjammer 2021-07-24

mobile phone jammers

Mobile phone jammers are no longer a niche product. They are used in many occasions, such as various public prosecutors, prisons, schools, various key conference centers, and even every small family now uses mobile cell phone jammer. Before using it, everyone will have a worry. If the agency uses a large amount, it will worry about whether the radiation of the mobile phone signal jammer will affect human health. Small families use it mainly to prevent children from playing with mobile phones for too long. , When using it, you will worry about the impact of mobile phone signal jammer radiation on the child’s physical and mental health.

In order to shield the new 4G mobile phone signals on the market, more and more 4G mobile phone jammers have been invented, and they are now popular with people who need to cut off the 4G signal to obtain a peaceful state. And this 5-antenna handheld 3G 4G full-band mobile phone jammer is one of the good 4G mobile phone jammers, which can block 4G (LTE) and 4G (Wimax) signals. This shield has several advantages. First of all, it can not only block 4G LTE and 4G Wimax signals, but also block CDMA, GSM, DCS, and 3G signals. This is currently the perfect and powerful shielding device. Secondly, you can select the frequency bands you want to block. If you don’t want to block one or two bands, you can turn them off and leave the other bands open. At the same time, mobile phone jammers can still interfere with signals in other frequency bands. More importantly, it can use the car charger in the car to provide you with more convenience. In addition to having a cooling fan, its operating temperature is not high. If so, it will work no matter in the hot summer or cold winter.

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