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5G jammers are on the horizon

Perfectjammer 2019-05-09

Since huawei proposed to study 5G technology, the door of 5G information and communication era has been opened. As the research progresses, huawei is about to release its first 5G mobile phone in 2019. And China has begun to experiment with the actual use of 5G signals. It is expected that China will have achieved 5G signal network coverage by 2020. Meanwhile, the first countries to have 5G coverage will be the UK

If 5G comes, then naturally someone will think about 5G jammer. At present, Perfectjammer has said that it has started to develop 5G signal jamming equipment. Ishida said, director of the technology research and development, 5 g, 5 g jammers will come out, we won't let you wait too long.