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The newest type of drone jammers

Perfectjammer 2017-09-27

New type drone jammersPerfectjammer has developed a jammers for high-altitude drone that can prevent unmanned aerial attacks and detections .Its competitive advantage is its affordable price comparing to existing solutions that were developed for military applications, while Perfectjammer has been better designed for civilian applications. The company's development team includes electronic warfare (EW) engineers who previously worked for the defense industries, and have developed the Perfectjammer based on advanced military technologies. However, innovative miniaturization technologies and product adjustments to civilian applications enabled lowering its price significantly. You can choose to have the drone land slowly or return
Despite the resemblance to guns, jammers don't literally shoot the drones. The drone wouldn't just drop to the ground. Instead, it should hover in place within an invisible fence created by the jammer. This makes it easier to catch illegal drones.

The use of jammers in various countries

Swiss police were pictured this week in Davos testing anti-drone jammers, which resemble massive machine guns, as part of security preparations for the World Economic Forum. The annual gathering of members of the world's business and political elite has brought more than 3,000 attendees to the skiing resort.

In Davos, police were testing to make sure the equipment was ready and able to take down any drones potentially carrying out covert missions, said Steffen Wicker, managing director at H.P. Marketing & Consulting Wüst, which makes the jamming guns pictured.
US department of Homeland Security (DHS) operates autonomous drones patrolling over the USA-Mexico border, which suffer jamming attacks by border smugglers, mainly the drug cartels," said Gai Mar-Chaim, Senior Partner at the management consulting firm POC. "The DHS gives high priority for lightweight anti-jamming solutions for this challenge, and Perfectjammer is the only commercially available solution that weighs less than 150 gram and consumes power less than 0.75 Watt.
Prepares to launch a drone in a joint base with Iraqi army on the outskirts of Mosul, Iraq. A vehicle-mounted signals "jammer" provided to the Iraqi security forces by the U.S. have greatly reduced the ISIS drone threat in the battle for West Mosul, according to Iraqi generals.
A vehicle-mounted signals “jammer” provided to the Iraqi security forces by the U.S. have greatly reduced the ISIS drone threat in the battle for West Mosul, according to Iraqi generals.
1.Air Force Col. John Dorrian, a spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve, would only describe the devices given to the Iraqis as “jammers.” Dorrian has previously said that U.S forces advising and training the Iraqis have their own jammers to counter drones.
An apparently different type of anti-drone weapon spotted in Iraq is Perfectjammer, made by Battelle, which resembles an assault rifle but features a directed energy frequency jammer mounted on the frame. It has a range of about 400 yards and works by disrupting the links to the drone controller or GPS device.

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