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Wifi And Cell Phone Jammer Amazon

Perfectjammer 2021/09/27

For some time, an internet celebrity product appeared on the Internet. It is said that as long as a metal patch is pasted on the back of the phone, the cell phone signal will change from 1 grid to 3 signal. This "enhancement sticker" is a popular network that enhances the phone signal. The price of this increase is ranging from 5 yuan to 80 yuan. Some merchants have sold more than 1,000 orders per month, and some merchants have sold more than 100,000 orders per month. Why don't you see the demand for this product in the market? Merchants said that enhanced stickers also have functions such as improving mobile phone performance, reducing radiation levels, and extending battery life. In fact, mobile phone signal enhancement and signal shielding are like spears and shields. The normal call and Internet access of mobile phones rely on the signal transmitted by the base station and the layout of various amplifiers or repeaters to enhance the signal. Wifi And Cell Phone Jammer Amazon is mainly used to prevent leakage of mobile phone communication. cell phone jammer It is necessary to cut off the signal of the mobile phone to eliminate the noise pollution generated by the mobile phone.

The effect of signal shielding depends on the game between the signal-to-noise ratio of the Wifi And Cell Phone Jammer Amazon transmitted power and the mobile phone signal strength in the use environment. The mobile jammer scans from the low-end frequency of the forward channel to the high-end at a certain speed during the working process. When the interference signal emitted by the mobile phone signal jammer is stronger than the signal sent by the base station received by the mobile phone, the mobile communication cannot detect the normal data sent from the base station, so that the mobile communication cannot establish a connection with the base station. Mobile communication manifests itself as a search network, no signal, no service system, etc. It can form an electromagnetic protection field around its installation site, effectively preventing the leakage of the mobile phone and eliminating the noise pollution generated by the mobile phone. The mobile phone security signal jammer will provide you with a safe and quiet space and become your reliable and loyal guard!