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Can I Block My Cell Phone Number

Perfectjammer 2021/11/9

Recently, from some communication equipment stores on the Internet, the author saw a special device called a "cell phone signal killer"- Can I Block My Cell Phone Number sells well. The mobile phone jammer can make all mobile phones within a radius of 20-40 meters "dumb" and cannot receive any signals. Is the use of this equipment legal and does it infringe people's normal communication rights? Due to policy gaps, relevant departments are also helpless. According to a report in the Evening News, a dealer in Tianjin said that this "cell phone signal killer" is actually a device that interferes with cell phone signals. The signal of the mobile phone will be destroyed by the interference signal it sends, and there will be targeted interference to the four frequency bands of 800, 900, 1800, and 1900 covered by the current domestic mobile phones, that is, the "PHS" of China Mobile, China Unicom or China Telecom. , Will sleep in the coverage area without exception. However, the merchant explained to the author that once the mobile phone leaves the range area, the signal will be restored. This "killer" will not really damage the mobile phone, and it will not affect the TV, radio, and wireless network signals. cell phone jammer

It is understood that the current market price of this type of "cell phone signal killer" is about 5,000 yuan, and it is said that many units have already used it. At present, the largest user groups are gas stations, theaters, and libraries. Since these areas are not suitable for using mobile phones, the forced shutdown is abrupt. Therefore, they simply use this kind of machine to destroy the signal and make the mobile phone "dumb". Although this kind of machine will have a certain inhibitory effect on the increasingly serious mobile phone pollution in the current society, it is based on the premise of destroying telecommunications signals. To some extent, it has disrupted the regional wireless communication order. The use by criminals will obviously have a counterproductive effect. The seller of the machine told the author that it is definitely legal to sell and use this machine. However, the author learned from the communications management department that the relevant department has not yet been able to determine the legality of this Can I Block My Cell Phone Number . Relevant people have called for the monopoly of machines of this kind of "double-edged sword" to ensure that they can be used legally.