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Perfectjammer 2022/06/29

Tiny Car GPS Jammer

If you spend enough time trolling eBay for interesting electronic devices to take apart, you’re bound to start seeing somethong interesting for gadgets. Which is how I recently became aware of these gps jammer that plug directly into an automotive 12 V outlet.

What is a GPS Jammer?

A GPS jammer is a typically small, self-contained, transmitter device used to conceal one’s location by sending radio signals with the same frequency as a GPS device. When this occurs, the GPS device is unable to determine its position due to interference.

The relatively low power and quick start up time allow the jammers to be used only when required. Although illegal, various types of cheap GPS jammers are available for purchase online, such as physical shields, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth jammers, remote control jammers, spy camera jammers and drone jammers, just to name a few.

How do GPS jamming devices work?

GPS receivers rely on low power microwave signals broadcast from GPS satellites. Signal jammers operate by overwhelming these satellite signals with higher power, but shorter range, radio signals, to create “noise” that tricks GPS tracking systems into thinking GPS signals are not available. This is also referred to as "spoofing".

What do GPS jammers look like?

Tiny Car GPS Jammer

Since devices that can block GPS come from a number of manufacturers, they vary greatly in shape, size and dimensions, making them hard to spot within a driver’s vehicle. Most commonly, GPS blockers work over short range, and are small enough to plug into a power supply like a cigarette lighter or iPhone and block the signal to a GPS tracker installed within the vehicle cockpit.

The most important Reasons to Invest in a GPS Jammer

Staying Safe in a Foreign Country
Traveling has so many positive aspects and benefits that it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t wish to vacation and visit other countries. One of the few negative aspects is your safety concerns. Even in countries that are considered fairly safe to visit, locals might not be welcoming tourists, and criminals might take advantage of you.

Criminals have always used methods like this to attack tourists, but GPS technology makes it even easier for them to carry out their plans. If you are planning on visiting a different country and want peace of mind, a GPS jammer will stop any GPS-based tracking methods that criminals could use to target you.

For more information, please click here to learn more about various signal jammer.

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