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In-depth analysis of signal jammers

Fullmer Erik 2022/07/12

In-depth analysis of signal jammers

  Although a mobile phone is a wireless communication device used wherever it goes, there is also an invisible line that drags it, that is, the mobile phone base station. Whether a mobile phone makes or receives a call, the first step is to establish a connection with a nearby mobile phone base station. If you hold a mobile phone in your left hand and your right hand, and use the left-hand mobile phone to dial the right-hand mobile phone, the electromagnetic waves of the mobile phone are not transmitted directly from the left hand to the right hand, but will be transmitted from the left-hand mobile phone to hundreds of meters away The mobile phone base station, and then make a big circle to transmit back to the right mobile phone.

  Normally, the radio wave signals sent by the base station and the mobile phone come and go, but once the shield is opened, it will cause interference around the mobile phone, and emit a "noise" radio wave signal that is many times more powerful than the received base station signal. If you can't hear what the base station is talking about, you can't receive the base station's signal normally, and the connection between the two is cut off, and the mobile phone will become an jammers gps.

  The entire frequency band of electromagnetic waves ranges from a minimum of a few Hz to a maximum of tens of hundreds of GHz. The range is very large. Each section may be used as a communication signal. However, except for a small number of very professional equipment, the range of ordinary shield It is not large enough, and the shielded channels are not complete. A shield can only shield a small part of the frequency band, and the communication tool can use the unshielded frequency band for communication . When the mobile phone jammer is working, it will "sweep" electromagnetic waves from low frequency to high frequency in various frequency bands, interfering with the connection between the mobile phone and the base station.