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Are cell phone jammers illegal to use in many places?

Perfectjammer 2022/06/29

Cell phones don't annoy people, people do. I think we should stick with it and not try to use laws or technology to enforce politeness. A sign above the theater's entrance reads "Please vibrate your phone - phone calls are prohibited in the theater" If patrons fail to follow this simple request, they will be immediately evicted to the curb.

A cell phone jammer is a cell phone blocking device that sends a blocked signal from the same frequency range of the cell phone to the cell tower, causing the cell phone to lose the signal from the radio, but the use of jammers is controlled by the state. I guess they should be illegal everywhere unless there are overriding security concerns. After all, telcos pay huge fees for exclusive use of the allocated spectrum.

Is it illegal for movie theaters to use cell phone jammers?

If jamming your phone in a movie theater or concert hall is illegal, then IMHO the law needs to change. What about all these restaurants and movie theaters that block cell phones? They have to use some sort of jammer instead of a jammer because they can turn it on and off.

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Doesn't that mean they're breaking the law? Why do I have to listen to someone else's phone call in a movie theater, because it's theoretically possible that there could be first responders in the movie theater and there could be an emergency in the movie, is that particular first responder desperately needed for that particular emergency?

If people start jamming their phones, I'm going to have to build a cell phone signal jammer locator. I think yelling "Hey guys, this is the guy who is jamming your phone with a cell phone jammer" should do the job. I am not responsible for any damage caused by this. I've never, ever been, when I shouldn't be listening to someone talking on their cell phone in a movie theater (ie during a feature).

I almost never hear a cell phone ringing in there*, when I hear it it stops quickly and sometimes someone leaves but doesn't say more than five words. If you live in a place where people actually talk while watching a movie, I would suggest working on improving that behavior rather than trying to keep people away from their kids, babysitters or jobs (meaning they can't go to the movies, they have to sit at home).

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