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Cell Phone Recorder Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/09/20

Whether electromagnetic waves are harmful to the human body and how harmful are they? These issues should be viewed from a scientific perspective. We know that electromagnetic waves have a wide spectrum, and light waves are electromagnetic waves. Some electromagnetic waves are harmful, and some electromagnetic waves are harmless. There are a large number of various rays and electromagnetic waves in the universe. Human beings have lived on the earth for tens of thousands of years, have adapted to this environment and continue to thrive, without posing a threat to human beings. But if humans enter space, they will need to protect themselves. Thus it can be seen that electromagnetic waves reaching a certain intensity will affect the human body. For example, light waves in electromagnetic waves, human beings cannot live without sunlight, but excessive sunlight can also cause harm to the human body. It shows that electromagnetic waves have two effects on the human body: one is heat transfer; the other is biological transfer. Therefore, the interference electromagnetic wave emitted by Cell Phone Recorder Jammer is harmless to humans, please rest assured to use it. cell phone jammer

The mobile phone signal jammer is to transmit interference signals like the frequency that the mobile phone takes over. It just hinders the connection between the mobile phone and the base station so that the mobile phone is always in the state of no signal search, and it will not cause harm to the mobile phone! Cell Phone Recorder Jammer When turned on, use The electromagnetic waves of the mobile phone and the outside world must not be interchanged. Therefore, the mobile phone loses the signal and always searches for the signal, so the energy consumption will be reduced. The working principle of the mobile phone jammer: the mobile phone and the base station are connected through electromagnetic waves, and the mobile phone signal jammer works from the low-end frequency of the channel to the high-end frequency. Scanning, the scanning speed can generate garbled codes in the message signal that the mobile phone takes over. The mobile phone must not detect stable data received from the base station, so that the mobile phone must not establish a connection with the base station. Mobile phones show phenomena such as searching the network, no signal, no service system, etc.