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Perfectjammer 2021/11/08

In a certain electronic technology city, the reporter saw the true face of the cheating headset: a wallet with a few wires sticking out of it. The most critical component in this wallet is an electronic transmitter. Through its transmission, candidates can receive outside signals in the examination room, and then listen to the answers through wireless earplugs inserted into their ears. "Isn't there this before? This kind of site with a transmitter can be detected. Besides, the signal is also Motorola Block Cell Phone blocked even if it is brought in." The reporter expressed doubts. However, more professional explanations and demonstrations began to convince reporters that this small wallet can indeed send signals through mobile phone jammers. cell phone jammer

Now the college entrance examination hall Motorola Block Cell Phone is the second generation, which can block the signal below 400 Hz, but ours has carried out special debugging for the characteristics of mobile phone jammers. The frequency of 600 Hz transmission is used, and it will definitely penetrate the shield. This man said that such a device costs about 1,000 yuan, and if it can pay a higher price, they will also provide multi-channel cheating equipment, through off-site debugging to find out the answer to the band that cannot be shielded by mobile jammers. The man utterly stated that although this traditional cheating headset has been "upgraded", it has disadvantages compared to the new device "skinny headset", that is, this wallet-style transmitter must be tied to the leg or Put it on the bottom of your feet to avoid the inspection of the metal detector. "Normally, anyone has metal objects on their bodies. You can just say that it is the soles of the soles or the zippers or buttons on the pants." The man told the reporter that under normal circumstances, security is not. You will suspect that you have this special device on your body.