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Block Spam Texts On Cell Phone Public Sale

Perfectjammer 2022/01/12

Yesterday, the Morning News reported that a BMW from a car rental company in Wuhan was driven to Shanghai by a tenant and was almost dismantled and sold. Fortunately, the owner of the car rental company tracked it down for thousands of miles and finally found the BMW in a repair shop in the city. In fact, in order to prevent the rented vehicle from leaving or not returning, the car rental company installed 4 GPS positioning devices in the hidden location of the vehicle. Block Spam Texts On Cell Phone. According to the relevant regulations of the state, it is illegal to develop, produce and use radio interference equipment without going through legal procedures. So where did the above Cell Phone Jammer come from? The reporter visited the electronic market yesterday and found that the merchants completely ignored the relevant regulations and openly sold signal jammers. Some merchants also sold them through the Internet, and anyone could buy them.

Yesterday, I came to Jindu Road again and found that the company's signboard had been removed and the door was closed. However, through the small door that was occasionally opened on the side, we could see that there were still employees working and two cars were parked inside. When inquiring in the name of car repair, a man said that the company has something to do and will not be picking up work for the time being. Subsequently, Mr. Wei from Wuhan and Mr. Zhu from Yiwu who found the missing car were contacted respectively, and both of them have returned to their respective car shops. After obtaining the consent of the police, Mr. Zhu has driven back the BMW. Mr. Wei's BMW still needs to remain in Shanghai pending further investigation of the case. Yesterday, the two contacted the local police and the Shanghai police to inquire about the progress of the case. The reply was that the two renters had not yet been arrested. Yesterday, I interviewed several car rental companies in Shanghai. Regarding the "hijacking" of the vehicles of the two non-local car rental companies, the staff said that they have paid attention to the relevant reports, and the topic is also hotly discussed in the circle. In fact, the other party used a core tool - Block Spam Texts On Cell Phone , "This thing is hard to guard against, and it is the most hated thing in our line of work."