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A detective in Vallejo had a signal jammer and a small black box with an antenna the size of a cell phone


Valejo, California (KGO) - Your safety is an important part of our efforts to tell the story of building a better region. Burglary and car theft are one of the most common criminal behaviors in the Bay Area.

The local police station arrested a car thief who had a sneaky way of breaking into the door without breaking the window.

On Tuesday, a Valejo detective interrupted a suspected thief who had a ssignal jammers and a small black box the size of a mobile phone with an antenna.

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The signal blocker is now evidence that the department has never retracted before.

A Valejo police investigator who declined to be named said, "This is a wearable device that you can actually put in your car, pocket, or body. It will block the electrical signal from your keychain to your vehicle This will prevent your vehicle from getting stuck

So forget the broken window - you may appear in front of your car, undamaged, but your precious items are mysteriously lost. The police investigator explained how this would affect the response of both the victim and the police.

They are speculating whether they have locked the car or left the stolen items at home. So this will immediately delay the report

So I just closed the door normally and drove away, "Jeffermas said - demonstrating what many people did while getting out and locking their cars. Although Marth stated that he often experiences burglaries in the city center of Corte Madera, he is unaware that signal jammers are a tool that thieves can use. It's scary to think that your car is safe and your belongings have been broken into

A car anti-theft expert said that the signal jammer will block any noise generated by the remote control key. Therefore, when you lock the car, make sure it is locked with a door handle.

If you have an automatic keychain, listen to the beep or actual locking mechanism.

If you don't hear any sound, you must lock your car again.