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As soon as the driver leaves their Mercedes or BMW and wants to lock the car with the remote control, the office clerk intervenes with a signal jammer


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While the limousine driver was looking for a parking space on Grosse Elbstrasse, the thief was waiting in his own car. As soon as the driver left their Mercedes or BMW and wanted to lock the car with the remote control, the office clerk intervened with a signal jammers. This prevents the locking function. However, the owner did not notice that the door had been left unlocked. As soon as they disappeared into the restaurant or shop, the thieves calmly evacuated the car.

The jammer is from England

The Jammer, called the Jammer, was purchased from the United Kingdom by Andrzej P. "I've seen reports on TV about jammers. I wanted to make a lot of money by selling Jammer in Germany, "the defendant told the Altona District Court yesterday.

But there was too much curiosity. Andrzej P. tested the transmitter himself. And achieved great success. From the luxury cars he targeted, he seized expensive laptops, flashy clothes, Montblanc pens, iphones, digital cameras, Louis Vuitton bags, and even champagne for his feudal life.

But when the police caught him in the act, the pain was immense. The police did not treat him gently and violently pushed him to the ground. As a result, the knee, already damaged by the old thief, had to be operated on again in January. The defendant said he had suffered from police phobia ever since.

13 Theft and dangerous bodily harm

The accused confessed in an attempt to curry favor with the court. He admitted unreservedly to 13 counts of alleged theft. But theft comes with dangerous physical harm.

After Andrzej P. moved his "work area" from Grosse Elbstrasse to Poppenbuttel this spring, he was placed in the parking lot of the Alstertal shopping center by a driver whose car was about to empty. The thief got away only because he incapacitated the owner with animal spray.

The defendant, who currently works as a driver and drives Meals on Wheels, told the court: "I am very sorry about the incident. I have saved up a €500 tip which can be offered to the injured owner as compensation for his pain and suffering. "His greed for luxury goods has been overcome and he will no longer be punished," he told the court. With the constant fear and excitement of a criminal, he did not want to live to his age.

His decision, however, could not convince the court to suspend the clerk, who had already been sentenced multiple times.

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